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I am a person who likes to create; whether it's a role in a play, directing or designing for stage or screen,

or making a piece of art.

I received my degree in Sculpting from Moravian College. My work is in private collections internationally.

I have also created some public installations; the entrance to the Pollinarium at The National Zoo,

an exhibition for the DC Children's Museum's exhibit @ Glen Echo Park, a portrait of Archbishop Wood

for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a life mask of choreographer Eugene Loring which is now part of

his estate, and numerous environments for theater and television.

I first began my love of making jewelry in the 1990's, creating one of a kind semi precious constructs.

I like to know as much about the person who will be wearing my work as possible, and if a client has

a particular area of emotional or physical need, that influences the materials I choose.  I believe that metals

and semi precious stones have energy that we can feel and from which we can benefit. The development

of metal clay has allowed me to return to my clay sculpting roots, enabling me to create one of a kind

wearable pieces in pure silver, copper or bronze. 

 When someone puts on a piece of my art, they feel like it's an extension of their inner self.

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